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About me - Diana Adu

diana-adu-bineyAs an plural award winning and only African TV anchorwoman, journalist, Recording Artist, Author, Conference Host and Entrepreneur, Dr. Dayana Biney sits as President of Diana Adu Ministries and CEO of Diana Adu Publishing, with headquarters in Italy. Over the last two decades, Diana Adu Biney has become a fixture of inspiration, hope and new life and served as an example to men and women who have migrated to Italy and God's people all over the world. With accomplishments including an honourarium of the Special Ambassadors Award (GIEA, Italy), 2011 and an Honorarium of Excellence from the Gospel Music Award, Italy 2012. Rev.Diana is also an Awarded Television Host, as well as a record breaking Conference Host. She has turned her humble beginnings into an inspirational and philanthropic empire – educating, equipping and empowering people from all walks of life but most especially, with her Gospel Fragrance Foundation which was awarded for the BEST CHARITY FOUNDATION among Ghanaians in Italy.

Fueled by a passion for character building, life coaching and spiritual rejuvenation, Diana Adu merges spirituality with the practicality of everyday life. Her candid and revealing approach has engaged followers worldwide provoking them to pursue a lifestyle of integrity, success and happiness. Wherever Prophetess Dayana goes, she exhorts, encourages and empowers her listeners to reach their full potential in their personal, entrepreneurial and spiritual lives.

Unashamed to use her voice as teaching and evangelism mechanism, in a relative atheistic and religious world as Italy where she lives, Diana Adu's prophetic music festivals organized yearly with a 90% Italian audience has seen the salvation of souls from death, witchcraft and from the power of satan. As one of the most notable and presently, only African female TV-Evangelist and host on a secular television in Italy, Rev. Diana has been graced to speak to the rulers of the land and to be a reading epistle for the lost in the land. She is noted as the only African woman with the unique mantle of reaching out to the Italians.

In addition, Diana Adu Biney has been featured on the front cover of the AFRICAN NEWS ITALY and the GHANA-ITALY NEWSPAPER which she owns. She is main artist and host for the renowned GOSPEL FRAGRANCE AND MUSIC FESTIVAL. Her latest bulldozing enterprise of creating a newspaper for Ghanaians citizens in Italy's lauch was honoured by the the presence of the Ex-Counsulate for the Republic of Ghana. Diana Adu is one of the most sought after 21st Century female speakers, teachers, gospel artist, cultural mediators, lecturers and entrepreneurs among Africans in the land of Italy. 

In addition to her record breaking accomplishments in ministry, Rev.Diana Aduis also known as an entrepreneurial genius as she sits at the helm of her multi-faceted corporation, Diana Adu Publishing. Through such mediums, Rev.Diana has released several musical projects. Her musical accomplishments are unparallel as an independent artist being one of the very first gospel recording artist among the African community and gospel industry in Italy. Diana Adu has also been nominated for several Secular and Gospel Awards and was called on to minister at the 20th anniversary of the late Pope John Paul 11.

diana-adu-booksIn 2010, Dr. Diana Adu Biney released several bestselling literary works such as The Mysteries of the Lord's Supper; The Table of the Lord; The Blood of the Elohim and in 2011 she again released four new books titled, Pnuema-Genealogy & Psycho-Genealogy; Baptism by Fire, Tongues on the Day of Pentecost; Concept Vitae and in 2012, she was sign on by the Destiny Image Publisher in her award winning book - Your Destiny Maker, God's Timing and Your Destiny. To date, Diana Adu Biney has sold many literary pieces.  

Again in 2012, Prophetess Diana Adu Biney in pursuit of all of her dreams and goals including the launching of several new business entities which will include several other prominent business ventures. Additionally, she is the only Ghanaian that worked as journalist and a gospel radio host with Italian secular radio stations and a prophetic preacher of the other Ghanaians radio stations then present. She is mostly a featured host on Radio Vera, which accesses 2 million listeners monthly by internet and over a million inner city radio listeners in the stations home Lombard Region.

Diana Adu Bney has also accepted a new proposal to broadcast her sermons on the first ever Christian TV that just opened in Ghana her country. As a part of the family, Rev.Diana's broadcasts will accesses 89 million homes the 1 line feed provides allowing her message to be heard worldwide at the same time! The TV Network has launched construction on a new state of the art television studio for Rev. Diana to utilize to reach the world with her message and have made a 100% commitment to advertise and publicize all that she does in way of music, films, literary releases, conferences and other business ventures. Alongside that partnership, Rev.Diana’s Gospel TV broadcast aired each Saturday and Sunday morning together with her husband on the Retebrescia/RTB Network TV reaches over 4 million people. The same received an honour as Best TV Programme amongst Africans in Italy at the Ghana-Italy Excellence Awards and a double honour to she and her husband for the same at the 2013 God’s Generals Awards of Excellence for African Church leaders in Italy. The ReteBrescia Television has also noted that in one year, Rev. Adu Biney's programming received recognition in that 10 of the top 12 highest rated shows. Through her innate genius and strong work ethic, Prophetess Diana Adu has proved to accomplish many distinctions unheard of by African Italian women and has become a stapled example to the people who motivate her. There is no stopping the creative gift of Dayana Adu Biney, an inspiration for the upcoming generation who never saw an African person on ordinary places or callings such as teachers, doctors, lawyers, left alone taking territories like God has enabled Diana.Adu Biney.

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