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Rev. Diana Adu Biney, first Woman to be consecrated and inducted into the Office of An Apostle amongst Charismatic Evangelical Pentecostals in Italy

MEProphetess, Award winning Gospel Artist, Author, Cultural and Linguistic Mediator/Counsellor, Journalist and Founder of the Gospel Fragrance & Music Therapy Festival/TV Broadcast, General Overseer of the Diana Adu Ministries and Missions and President of The Ghana-Italy News Network and of the African International Herald has been consecrated and inducted into the office of an Apostle.
The sacred event was held on the 27th of September, 2014, (which was also, the eve of the Hebraic civil new year, Rosh hashanah) at Hotel Industria, no.58, Brescia, Italy.
The ceremony which is the first of its kind to be aired by the Italian media has been dubbed as "travolgente", meaning "overwhelming". And yes indeed, it was. 
Apostle Diana Adu Biney poses with H.E Anita Stokes-Hayford (Ghanaian Ambassador in Rome) after ceremony
The service was well attended to by distinct men and women of God in the land, amongst whom was Bishop Ainoo, Apostle Emmanuel Shaba, Pastore Piazza, Barrister Minister Bertin Kuofie; The Ghanaian Ambassador to Italy, H.E.Dr.Mrs. Evelyn Anita Stokes-Hayford, The Counsellor for Equal Opprtunities, The Assessor for Internal Affairs for the Brescia Municipality, Dott.Marco Fenaroli, Candidates of the Elect Lady Awards, friends, loved ones, representatives and members of the migrant comunities. 
The ceremony begun with the reading of the profile of ApostleDr. Diana Adu Biney after which, she was invited by Apostle Raymond Akam (member of the clergy and Dean of the Universal Bible College) for the Charge and induction ceremony.
After Apostle Diana has faithfully accepted the charge committed to her, Apostle Nana Abu Bonsra, Former President of Italy Pastor's Union and of the Verona Pastor's Associaton in Italy (now resident in Canada), was called on for the consecration service. 
The Clergy was then invited for the laying on of hands and giving of their hands of fellowship.
Aposte Diana's husband, Apostle Biney was next to put on his own wife the Apostolic regalia. He afterwards, presented her  to the saints and loved ones present.
Apostle Diana then invited the Amodo Nostro Gospel Choir to minster together with her, one of their well loved tuned, "The Pwer of Your Love".
Below, Please find the Profile of Apostle Diana Adu as read at the ceremony.
Your excellency, Mrs Anita Hayford-Stokes and the officials from the Ghana embassy, Bishops, Apostles, Pastors, Dott. Marco Fenaroli (Assessore, commune Di Brescia) Dr.SSA. Anna Gandolfi, ladies and gentlemen, good evening. With your Permission I would want  to read the Profile of Dr. Diana Adu Biney. Thank you.
Rev. Diana Adu was born in Ghana, west Africa at Kumasi and raised in Takoradi on the 24th of July,1966. She is an Akwapim by tribe. Diana's parents were both in the ministry, her father, an ex barrister and judge became a Rev. Minister, Prophet and General Overseer of the Barachah Church. Mrs Florence Adu, Diana's mother was the church's mother. Diana begun singing in the church choir at the age of 6 and at the age of 9, she was teaching children at the sunday school. 
She is happily married to Apostle Nana Biney and they have three beautiful children: two boys and one girl. They have been married for 24 years now.
Diana's public ministry begun in 1994 following her migration to Italy to join her husband, Apostle Nana Biney, in 1989. She faced a severe persecution for her uniqueness through her course of formation in the church as a worship leader, a key soloist in the choir and a church translator. This became her turning point when in 1996, she launched her first gospel maiden album, entitled HE IS ALIVE.
The apostolic oil on her was evident to many men and women of God. Some dubbing her as "the bulldozer".
She was graced with a unique anointing in ministering to the unsaved in the Italian territories where the gospel had never been preached!
The form of her ministration which was mainly through her gospel music made many Italians dub her the singing cathechist whiles the Italian media preferred her to be known as the queen of gospel music.
Rev. Diana then formed a gospel evangelistic team THE AFRO GOSPEL GROUP and through it many unconceivable doors where opened to her and the husband Apostle Nana Biney whose passion for souls, led him to support his wife as both worked together with local leaders in the municipality. From there she and the husband begun a bold new discovery and journey into the work of the ministry in profound teaching dimensions with prophetic and apostolic revelations.
Rev. Diana and her husband together with their children, travelled every sunday to the south east of Italy, to preach the gospel and care for God's sheep, but their passion for missions work, caused Rev. Diana to stay behind and gather thier Italian converts in a home cell group which developed into a church. They were given a strong foundation of faith and leadership training.
In the year 2002, Rev. Diana together with her husband were ordained as pastors of the Christ Temple Church, in Brescia. Both were blessed, rooted, and established to serve under the leadership of Bishop Frederick Huff of the Mount Calvary Holy Church of America.
Rev. Diana's pioneering charisma was also evidenced in her being the first to have a gospel radio and TV programme in her city. She immediately became a symbol of reference and an icon in the city and a point of reference to her community, the church and to African immigrants. In the year 2006, Rev. Diana pioneered the TV evangelistic gospel programme in English and Italian and shared ministry to the airwaves on a secular TV.
Rev. Diana is a journalist and the first African female news broadcaster in Italy. She is also the founder of The Ghana-Italy News and the African-International Herald.
Taking advantage of the numerous opportunities God presented to her in the city, she together with her evangelistic team, combed the whole nation, wide and near with the gospel.
In the year 2009, she was invited to minister at the 25th Anniversary celebrations of Pope John Paul 11. She then gained national audience and was interviewed  by the Italian National TV on her evangelistic missions in Italy.
Rev. Diana is a household name among her community and the people of the land.
Her mission work has received numerous awards by the city and her own community. In 2014, she was the first black African woman to receive the WOMEN WHO HAVE MADE IT AWARDS in Italy, by the Brescia University. 
In 2014, the DIANA ADU MINISTRIES AND MISSIONS which has been operating under the apostolic and prophetic mantle was formerly launched to train, equip and send forth ministers out for the work of the ministry. 
Rev. Diana is a mentor, a life coach and an inspiration to many upcoming ministers. She has authored 10 books and has translated all her teachings into the Italian language for the people of the land.  
The influence of the kingdom through her life opened up many doors for her to travel. The teaching and mentoring ministry became national and international and the demand for apostolic impartation and activation became clearly evident. Thousands of lives have been blessed by this ministry including corporate and personal prophecy, the laying on of hands, conferral of gifts, divine healings, the working of miracles, and the revelation gifts of the Spirit. Wherever she ministers people everywhere sense and feel her love and passion for people.  Her down-to-earth lifestyle is a hallmark feature in the life which she lives as an apostle to the nations. She is a counsellor to most political figures in the land and her prophecies concerning the nation of Italy has been greatly appreciated. 
That is why one of their chief emphasis is in LOVE, LEADERSHIP, and LEGACY through apostolic spiritual LINEAGE, meaning, the passing down of the generational blessings and trasference of spiritual gifts to the sons and daughters in a land where many still are unable to find their identity. 
Rev. Diana Adu believes that destiny produces and legacy reproduces and that the unbroken lineage of the spirit should continue in depositing into faithful men and women everywhere.
Her objective of obtaining more educational studies through a ligament of schools and colleges is for the enhancement and improvement in her service to the kingdom and to society. 
The vision of Rev. Diana is to be able to launch in the future, degree-granting opportunities in various sectors of the body of Christ including certificate of completion of Mobile School of Ministry, and college degrees for those who desire a professional development in both ministry and business {the business of ministry and the ministry of business} so as to be able to issue out world-class certificates and specialized training for those to teach the Mobile Edition of the Global School of Ministry and Leadership Institute.  Rev. Diana continues to show forth excellence in ministry by recognizing, raising, and releasing seasoned, proven, fruitful, and mature ministers in the body of Christ through Right Revelation, Right Relocation, and Right Relationships. Oftentime Tim and Theresa team teach and minister together
With 20 years of Ministry, Rev. Diana leads and is recognized as an apostle to the Italians. With an  apostolic and prophetic ministry, which promotes leadership, kingdom revelation, launching of assemblies, global reformation, governmental prayer, affirming and ordaining of ministries, impartation, activation, and the awakening and unlocking of destinies in countless many. Your excellency the Ghanaian Ambassador to Italy, bishops, Apostles, Representatives from the Brescia commune, Ladies and gentlemen I present Rev. Dr. Mrs. Diana Akosua Adu Biney to be consecrated and inducted into the office of an Apostle. Thank you.



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